8 Jun 2014

Girl in the PARKS - in Hong Kong Park

Every girl has a wedding dream.
 They want their wedding to be flawless.
So what can they do to make everything perfect in the wedding?

 To remove the flaws, the only thing they need to do is adding LOVE to their wedding.

With love, then no flaws. 
Wedding gown can be a cotton tank top and a circular skirt, pairing with sneakers and snapback.
That's not the problem.
LOVE Top: H&M  |  LOVE Skirt: Aland  |  LOVE Sneakers: Nike from taiwan | LOVE snapback: Aland
White is the new black and Sport is the new elegance. Matching the two new elements into an outfit creates chic look. All-in-white outfit is about the mixture of different texture of material and the mixture of different degree of white. That helps separate different body parts and retain the layering of the total look. I love sneakers so so much. They are so comfortable and effortlessly create a laid back feeling. 

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