29 Jul 2014

Urban Little Fresh

                                                                          Top: H&M. | Skort: Zara Kids | Sandals: @stepforwardstyle | Bracelets: H&M | Bag: Stradivarius | Watch: Casio
I love wearing yellow, white and blue in hot days. They are my colours of summer. These colours radiate the light so well under the sunshine and they also match with my little tanned skin tone as well. As I have talked in a blog post before, this muscle tank gives an effortless match with almost any style of outfits. It does combine with my little denim blue skort perfectly to give casual chic look. My asymmetric skort silhouette is so famous among fashion bloggers in the world but mine is a little bit special with the denim blue colour which is much less formal than the one with white or black colour and it's much more playful.

20 Jul 2014

Macau Trip with Family

It's really nice to spend some days with family to go for a short trip especially when you are tired of your work, your study and your life. After chilling some days in Macau, I am re-charged.

 The sky is blue and my bro is cute.

 This is our dream!

 She is my true sister and she is also a short girl.

He is also my family member.

I love summer so much. The weather is so good and the clothes are so good too. They are so flawy, light-weighed, colourful, soft, air-permable, cute…….

4 Jul 2014

Wild Flower



Dress, Cardigan and Sandals: Cotton On