7 Jan 2014

Camel in One

Dress: Zara Kids|  Coat: Cotton On | Heels: ASOS | Bag: Zara |  Necklaces: Hand-Made by ME:)
I think my outfit colour does match the background and the ground so much haha. Just my opinion. I always love playing my outfits with colors, playing with the colors in the same tone. My hair is brown, my coat is brown, my heels are brown and my bag is brown. The combination of those warm tone colors works really well with my blue floral dress. The dress is really feminine and soft although it's from the kid section. I finished up the look with a bunch of cool tone jewellery which is made by me. I think it's a cool contrast with the whole warm look. I do enjoy making accessories for myself. I can customise the shape, colour, length ..... that I want for. It's fun to find material in Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong. 
我喜歡把同一色調的顏色放於一起,營造TONE﹣ON﹣TONE的效果。這次我選擇了駝色,我的頭髮、大褸、鞋子、手袋都是暖和的駝色,而上身則是一襲寶藍的紅色碎花裙子,這個配搭出來的效果令我十分驚喜。雖然這裙子是童裝,但她不失女人味之餘,給予人優雅的感覺。最後,我帶上 大量COOL TONE的項鏈,讓整體的感覺CAUSAL 一點。我歡DIY手飾,可以造出獨一無二的STYLE。

5 Jan 2014

My Casual Day Out with Family

Sweater: H&M  Legging: Forever 21 | Hat: Forever 21 | Sunglasses: Cotton On | Bag: Thailand Night Market| Sneakers: Nike Roshe Run
It's really a nice day with my family in Tai O. I love the food, the people, the scene, the sunset... but they're nothing if my family is not alongside of me. 
My outfit was so comfortable with my blackish grey legging so I can move around freely. And I love my new hat so much. I bought it from a local store which is owned by some designers in Tai O and they concern the environment so much. They make the organic hat, organic clothes, organic accessories with natural fibre. Their design is so interesting. My new hat is knitted with colorful linen yarn I guess. It really spice up my hat collection.

1 Jan 2014

New Years Eve


Coat: U2 | Dress: Hong Kong Local Boutique  Denim Button Down: American Eagle Outfitters | Pants: Forever 21 | Bag: Thailand | Cap: Korea | Shoes: ASOS
I love adding some playful elements to girly girly outfits. I chose two denim items to create the tone-on-tone effect and i wore a cap with smily face on it so as to make more fun and dress down the sparkling fuzzy dress to embrace 2014 on new years eve. I wore the brown heels to match the color scheme of the outfit. To add more warmth, I added the woolen coat and it helps dress up the entire outfit.