27 Oct 2013

Two Tone

 Dress: H&M |  Jacket: H&M (Mens) 
Denim jacket is my all-time fav. I have addicted to this two-tone denim jacket at my first sight. Its sleeves and the hood are grey cotton and the bodice is black denim. This combination is so adorable. It matches my white dress to give a more edgy look.

23 Oct 2013

Vintage Floral

Top: Uniqlo |  Skirt: Vintage  | Bag: H&M | Cardigan: Outlet |  Shoes: Dr Martens
I seldom wear floral items but I am now addicted to them. They are so cute. I bought this skirt in a second-hand shop. The detailing of this skirt is fabulous. It is a wrap in the front with a patch pocket at the right side. It matches my white tank top so much. My Uniqlo white tank top has incredibly high quality. It is always a stable piece in my wardrobe. You should go Uniqlo to check it out if you are looking for a great tank top. Dr Ma go with everything. I can wear them without thinking whether they match the outfit or not. They help me save a lot of time in the morning haha.


22 Oct 2013

Velvet Crop

 Top: Cotton On  |  Skirt: H&M  | Sheer Jacket: Boutique  | Backpack: Bershka | Sunglasses: Cotton On  Shoes: Converse
Crop top is a must-have for 2013 fall. But my boy doesn't like me to show my little belly. SOOOO my solution is to wear my velvet crop top with a high-waisted bottom. White skater skirt is my choice for this outfit. 
I love fall so much. The weather is so nice and Mr. Sun smiles gently to give brilliant shine every day.  


15 Oct 2013

Polka Heart

Top: H&M (Kids) |  Shorts: Boutique | Bag: Thailand |  Shoes: Vans |  Rings: Cheung Chau |  Watch: Cotton On |  Bracelet: PN
Macau is a wonderful place. It combines the Portuguese and Chinese culture. The buildings and food are really great. Already missing the two days of holiday with my lovely family in Macau. I can do whatever i want. They would play with me like crazy, take loads and loads of photos, eat everything,.... 
When will be our next trip???=]   

7 Oct 2013

We are COUPLE!

Couple Tees: Thailand night market|  Shoes: Vans | Vintage high-waisted shorts: Big John (DIY)
Being loved is blessing, to love is courage. We have gone through many things in these nine years. We grow up together. We learn from each other. We share glee and sorrow. Love you b.

2 Oct 2013

Working Mode

 Dress: Boutique|  Shoes: Vans | Bag: H&M | Cardigan: Forever 21 |  Sunglasses: Cotton On

Busy with schoolwork.
I wish time could go faster and faster as I really can't wait to visit Macau on Saturday!!

I am not talented but I must be hardworking.