28 Apr 2014

Lazy Pickssssssssssss

In a lazy day, I did online shopping.
And in other lazy day, my parcel arrived.

When I opened my parcel,

I saw what I picked in the lazy day.

I found my dress wrinkled but it's still nice in those lazy days.  Check the link: KEI&KORI  

And I found my sandals a little bit smaller but I can return it within 15 days for free in those non-lazy days. Check the link: KOUMI KOUMI

 Finally, I found my clutch so sparkling and with a mirror behind and I love it. Check the link:  River Island
I will definitely return my sandals to you- Zalora and please give me back as soon as possible because I love them so much.
I am looking forward to wear them in my lazy days. Everyday is my lazy day!! yeahhh!

Go shopping in the lazy days. Go shopping every day.


15 Apr 2014


My new muscle tank top is so fabulous.

It makes my girly girly skirt pop up with some boyish smell. 

YELLOW is my favourite colour especially when it comes to spring and summer. My boy bought me this new clutch which is incredibly amazing. It is the mixture of my YELLOW and the turquoise green with the gorgeous Minnie painting on it. 

I think the headband necklace is really a nice touch of my outfit, isn't it? It reminds me of scout, a posing scout accompanying with a little giraffe :) 

Tank Top: H&M  Knitted Circular Skirt: MY MUM | Sneakers: Tai Wan Nike Air Max | Headband Necklace: Aland
It is always so nice to start some new routines, new personal routines. It feels really good and energetic about the new in life. And mine is to write something and draw something every day to jot down my glee and erase my sorrow of the day. I guess it's a kind of diary, huh?