28 Apr 2014

Lazy Pickssssssssssss

In a lazy day, I did online shopping.
And in other lazy day, my parcel arrived.

When I opened my parcel,

I saw what I picked in the lazy day.

I found my dress wrinkled but it's still nice in those lazy days.  Check the link: KEI&KORI  

And I found my sandals a little bit smaller but I can return it within 15 days for free in those non-lazy days. Check the link: KOUMI KOUMI

 Finally, I found my clutch so sparkling and with a mirror behind and I love it. Check the link:  River Island
I will definitely return my sandals to you- Zalora and please give me back as soon as possible because I love them so much.
I am looking forward to wear them in my lazy days. Everyday is my lazy day!! yeahhh!

Go shopping in the lazy days. Go shopping every day.


1 comment:

  1. your purse River island <3<3

    Xxx Cécile