6 Jun 2014

Girl in the PARKS- in the Car Park

Girls can be strong and tough.

But they still keep the heart of gentle and caring.

Girls can be brave and independent. 

But they still keep the eyes of delicate and elegance.
Girls can be mature and sophisticated.
But they still keep the spirit of cuteness and childish.
Top: H&M  | Skirt: Aland  | Boots:Jeffrey Campbell | Headband: Aland
This outfit give people a strong and tough feeling because I use the colours which are quite muscular, especially the electron blue. I keep the others to be black so as to make the blue pop out. I recruit this hard JC bad boy to volume the toughness of  my look to the new 'height'. I pick the polka dot ribbon headband to finish my look. The ribbon just shows  the girl still retains girly and feminine personalities.

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