1 Feb 2014

Birthday England Outfit

 Dress: 遊木|  Coat: Chickenduck Shoes: Joy & Peace | Bag: H&M |  Hat: Cotton On
I love having dress code in special occasions like birthday, anniversary...and i like dressing up for any events. That makes me feel so good for the entire day. My boyfriend and I decided to have a little england birthday outfit party on his birthday. I think a navy blue blazer and a pair of oxford shoes are the never-fail england-feel items. And check pattern is the must-have element of a england outfit style. Last but not least, I wore a fedora to brighten up and enhance the luxurious feeling of the whole look. However, I am not so satisfied with the bag I matched the outfit:( 
我喜歡在特別的節日、生日和記念日定Dress code ,這樣能加添一些氣氛,整日的心情也會好起來,哈哈。而今次男朋友生日,我們決定來一個英倫風小派對。我認為最具英倫風味道的Item必定是寶藍色西裝嬲及Oxford Shoes,而格子是凝造英倫感覺不可缺少的元素。最後我配襯了圓頂闊邊帽,令整體的感覺更 奢華。想提升 奢華感?就要去看看我上一篇Blog=] 今次這套Outfit 最美中不足的地方就是包包=[ 實在不是Classic 英倫四方皮革手提包。

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