16 Jun 2014

Couple Style #2

Hold my hand tight wherever we go.

Sometimes, we may have different points of view.

And sometimes,  we don't agree with each other.

And sometimes, we may get a fight.

And sometimes, we may be angry with each other without a reason.
But every time, we clear the things out and keep our promise.
Hold hands tight till the end of the world.

On me:   Top: H&M | Skirt: Aland | Shoes: Nike Roshe Run | Bracelet & Earrings: H&M
On my boy:  Tank Top: Forever 21  | Shorts: H&M | Sandals: Cotton On
This is the second episode of couple style.  This is the opposite way of the last episode for us to style couple outfit - using contrast colours, like black & white. Last time, both of our outfits contain the items with the same colour scheme. But for this time, I wear all-white and my boy wears all-black. Once again, it's more chic than just wearing the same T-shirts.

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