29 May 2014

Girl in the Parks - in the THEME PARK

It was a nice day without work and just did something that I really like.

Sunshine~ I couldn't open my eyes. 

I was thinking of jumping into the fountain.

It was so hot! But I love it!

I am Minnie. 
Where is my Mickey? Oh he's at the back of the camera!
Tube Top: Hollister Co.  Skirt: Aland | Shoes: Nike from Tai Wan
Tone in tone is always my Number 1 'outfit rule' to keep all the items in phrase . (What I mean is in harmony.) On the day I was Minnie, I chose pink in pink because Minnie is about girly, cute and PINK. The material of the skirt is so interesting. It's like the scuba clothing material. There are two layers of jersey fabrics sandwiching the non-woven material. It gives the puffiness and makes my legs much longer and thiner. It is really a fun piece to wear.

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