16 May 2014

Empties #1

My skin is definitely on my good side. I want to share the skincare products I recently loved and I used up to see if you guys can find your 'Mr Right' for your skin from my empties.

All my black buddies are form LUSH. They are amazing for my skin.

These two are the face masks which have the texture like ice cream. 
I don't really like the Rudolph which is a mix of cucumber with something bla bla bla I believe. It's difficult to apply on my face as they are too dry. The mask does not stick onto my face. I tried my best to use it up. And I won't purchase it again.

However, I love this Catastrophe Cosmetic so so much. The main ingredient is blueberry which have abundant vitamin C. It's anti-oxidant, helps detox and soothes breakout. I remember it's the best seller among the masks of LUSH. It moisturises my skin and meanwhile helps whitening because it contains fresh rose extract. The most important is that it smells so good on my face. I definitely recommend this mask. 

These three are the facial cleansers. They have their own functions and I feel so good with all three.
Let the good times roll:
 Smell so good because of the corn and caramel inside and suitable for winter as it would leave a thin film of protective oil layer on the skin to prevent the water evaporation from my skin
Angels on bare skin: 
Good moisturising powder with lavender in it and suitable for spring and summer as my skin is so fresh and soft after using it.
Dark Angels: 
BLACK in colour. It consists of charcoal and black sugar which is suitable for deep exfoliation. It helps absorb the oil in my pores.
These two essence and serum are both from the korean brand called the SAEM. They are both moisturising. I would apply the Urban Eco Harakeke Essence (one the left) after I apply my toner. And occasionally, I would apply the Volcanic Closing Pore Serum on top the Harakeke Essence. I think they are good to my skin and they are both price reasonable.